The RTP Apparel difference with Epson inks (on white t-shirts)

The RTP Apparel difference with Epson inks (on white t-shirts) main image The RTP Apparel difference with Epson inks (on white t-shirts) image

We constantly get questions about why RTP Apparel is different. Well, we could say we are the world’s first DTG engineered T-Shirt designed for direct to garment printing. We could lay out the reasons why the RTP Apparel shirts will help increase productivity and help you make more profit than using traditional T-Shirts. We could argue that not having to pretreat but getting the benefits of pretreating outweigh the slightly higher cost of the RTP Apparel shirts. There are a multitude of reasons we could put forth as to why you would want to use our revolutionary garments.

But, we believe pictures are worth a thousand words… or more. In this example we utilized only the Epson F2000 OEM inks. We printed an RTP Apparel shirt and a standard high quality 100% cotton T-Shirt – one after the other using the same heat press, times and temperatures. In the picture above you can visually see the difference in the print quality and vibrancy that RTP Apparel brings to your DTG designs.

With RTP Apparel’s white T-shirt you will experience:

  • Much brighter and more vivid colors.
  • Sharper and more crisp lines and details
  • Blacks are much “blacker” – Deeper, richer colors than OEM inks on non-pretreated shirt.
  • Better Wash Durability

So, utilizing the RTP Apparel shirts will dramatically increase your quality of output without changing a single procedure in your DTG printing process – except you do not have to pretreat. Now that’s a big deal. You’ll like the way your shirts look coming off the printer and your customers will appreciate a much better, brighter, and sharper looking print. RTP Apparel helps bring your customer’s ideas to life. Why use a standard shirt and get “meh” for a print when you can get “wow… that’s the RTP Apparel Difference.

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