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What are the RTP apparel shirts made from?

The RTP Apparel shirts are made from the finest high quality 100% combed ring spun cotton fabric that are 30 singles. This results in an incredibly smooth shirt for superior DTG prints.


What styles and colours are available?

For up to date inventory on the style and colours we have available, visit our collection page.


What sizes are available?

The RTP Apparel shirts come in sizes adult Small through 3XLarge.


What DTG printers will the RTP apparel shirts work with? 

The RTP Apparel shirts will work with all DTG printers that utilize the Dupont, Image Armor, Brother, Epson, Firebird, and similar inks. We’ve seen great results also with the Epson F2000 and Brother GT series garment printers. Pretty much, RTP Apparel will work with MOST direct to garment printers. We always suggest you do test prints prior to any production run.


Where can I print on the shirt? 

One word: ANYWHERE. The shirts are uniquely manufactured so you can DTG print on the shirt anywhere. Front, back, side, sleeve – even the inside (though it is not as purpose-built to print on, it can be done). This eliminates the need to pre-treat several times if you have multiple locations to print. SAVE TIME AND MONEY because we took the hard work out of printing for you!

Our newly released SOLO shirts are pre treated is a more cost effective product to help you DTG more and pretreat LESS! The SOLO is just sprayed on the front print area. The entire shirt is NOT pretreated. This allows for a cost savings to be passed onto you!


You only have one style right now? 

Yes. But we do have plans to expand your selection of styles as we grow. The more shirts you purchase to grow your business will help us grow our business and expand our style selection!


How long do the shirts last before you can't print on them anymore? 

We have not officially found a “not good by” date to this point. We have pretreated and printed on shirts that were over a year old. Suggested: print as soon as possible. Store: non-moist place / out of sunlight


I’'ve heard on various tutorials that smashing shirts or touching the fibers messes up the print quality: are they shipped to prevent this? 

Yes. each Shirt is individually poly bagged and shipped flat. When we ship, we will ship the same way – flat and in boxes designed to fit the poly bags just right.


What type of shirts are they on? Is it tagless? 

30/1 combed ring-spun cotton. These are NOT someone else’s shirts. RTP Apparel is manufacturing these shirts. Plus, it is a tear away tag – CREATE YOUR OWN BRAND EASILY!


Can you request certain brands of shirts? For instance, if I want to use American apparel vs Gildan? 

No, these are OUR shirts… RTP Apparel. Why anything else?